Property Valuation

ERA–Al Osool Real Estate's valuation division is the market leader in the realm of all kinds of property appraisal, providing its clients with the most accurate and reliable property valuations. All reports are prepared to internationally accepted standards in accordance with guidelines of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Over a sustained period we are recognized by leading international and domestic banks / institutions as providers of superior valuation services. We are committed to serving clients across all categories to the best of our ability and ensure high level of professionalism, transparency, integrity and priority.

Led by a team of expert appraisers, this service is defined by its expertise and experience which allows us to enjoy the status of being first choice among many major corporate houses and banks.

ERA–Al Osool Real Estate's Valuation Division believes that they are well accomplished and proficient enough to cater a full spectrum of property valuation services as outlined above. All valuations are market-based with information, and data available from our extensive operations and market exposure.

Our Valuers are determined to maintain a high standard of valuation advice, through an independent approach, based on an in-depth understanding of the issues and factors affecting the value of our clients' assets. The in-depth research undertaken by our qualified Valuers is the key to our accurate and defendable valuation.

We offer Property Valuation for

  • Audit / Financial Reporting
  • Net- worth Assessment
  • Asset acquisition or Disposal
  • Investments
  • Housing Loans
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Partnership and Joint venture
  • Mortgage & Capital raising
  • Insurance Replacement / Re-instatement
  • Lease Negotiations

Valuation Services are catered across various Asset class in Oman's real estate sector.

  • Vacant Land Parcels
  • Land & Built-up premises often zoned as

    - Residential
    - ITC – Integrated Tourism Complexes
    - Mixed-Use Developments
    - Commercial
    - Industrial
    - Agricultural
    - Hotels and Hospitality
    - Retail and Entertainment

Advisory & Consultancy Services

The advisory & consultancy division provides the following services:

  • Highest and Best Use Analysis
  • Market & Financial Feasibility Study
  • Market Research
  • Due Diligence
  • Property Concept Development and
  • Investment Feasibility Study

Highest and Best Use analysis

During the HBUA process our team of experts plot the object, analyse the efficacy of prior property exploitation, the future potential of the property; keeping in mind the physical possibility, financial feasibility, legal aspects and scope for maximum development and profitability.

To sum up, our team of experts enable a client determine the alternative usages, risks and opportunities concerning the property/ development/land in question to secure its optimal usage.

HBUA is aimed at answering the following question

  • To Hold or to Lease
  • To Invest in a Property or to sell it
  • Expected Productivity of a given investment

Feasibility Study

Complementing HBUA are the Feasibility studies undertaken which enable investors to gauge the potential drawbacks & opportunities, alignment of the investor objectives with project execution and deliverables in light of a realistic market scenario.

Aimed at investment companies and corporate houses to realize their maximum investment development potential and assist them to develop sustainable investment strategies assessed on the basis of existing land parcel.

Market Research

All market segments are monitored and a general evaluation on the present market situation, as well as a prognosis, is given.

In order to find out the growth potential, trends, options and risks connected to the property in question, the market research compilation proceeds from the customer's needs, thereby taking into account the specific market segment of a region.

We offer prognoses on changes in rental rates, the volume of bids by property type and by market segment.

Due Diligence

Due diligence comprehends the following work tasks and analyses:- Legal analysis, Highest and best use analysis, corresponding market segment analysis and the context of the object within these variables.

Property Concept Development

We offer know-how and client exemplification throughout all stages of property investment, starting with the concept of investment all the way up to the sale of property.

Our counselling, which can be offered in developmental stages, is as follows:

  • Original idea & Initial project analysis
  • Verification of project profitability
  • Financial Feasibility analysis
  • Holding (lease)
  • Marketing (property resale)

Investment Feasibility Study

In the course of an investment feasibility analysis, the physical possibility of the concrete investment activities is determined, as well as its economic foundation and its legality.

Best Practice

Valuation & Advisory services Division has established itself by adapting stringent procedural guidelines and endeavors to provide the best practice valuation service with particular emphasis on:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Excellent communication
  • Ethics & Professionalism
  • International standard compliant

Through the adoption of innovations by VAS Division, we continue to provide increased efficiency and effectiveness in the valuation services industry.


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